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7/14/02 Yesterday I was attacked by a swarm of killer mosquitos. After that I didn't want to go outside ever again. But my roommate and I were high on paint fumes and decided to have mexican food and margaritas someplace where there would be Mariachis playing. We are both from Corpus and as much as we try to deny it, our south texas heritage creeps out sometimes. We (my roommate, me and Chad the other member of our trio) decided to go to Jaliscos on Riverside and Barton Springs where neither of us had been since we were 19. No mariachis, only drunk people playing chopsticks on a piano. Why there was a piano at a mexican food restaurant I have yet to decipher. After dinner and 2 margaritas I made us go to the mysterious "Lounge Bar" because I felt out of the scene for never having been to this secret hidden bar on 4th. I felt much better after discovering this secret hidden bar is connected to the very well known Spaghetti Wharehouse. Their mysterious nondescript door I have been eyeing is actually their back entrance. So that ends that mystery.

6/25/02 Lightning struck our building today at work. All of a sudden our power went out and then a few seconds later we here a clap of thunder. The phones were down for about 5 minutes as chaos erupted. So thats my weather update. Not much rain but quite a lot of action.

6/25/02 Hype Park Grill Sculpture Change! Its kind of weird (as if it wasn't before). Its the restaurant's 20th Anniversary so they added icing to their french fries to make them look like candles. There's ketchup in the shape of flames on each of the fries and purple icing on the white french fries box. I don't know if Dale Whistler did this new one but I'll keep you posted.

6/24/02 Words of Wisdom for females: Never go from a gay bar directly to a straight bar (especially during a sporting event). Its a shock to the system to go from a room full of men ignoring you to a room full of men staring at you. Also- Don't go to The Boyz Cellar. Stick to Oilcans if you want a fun place to dance at that serves really strong drinks.

6/23/02 Its hot. Its really hot. I went to Gateway (which is hell on sundays)to get a Jamba Juice at Whole Foods. I thought my flip flops were going to melt when they hit the black pavement. No rain in sight. Its only June... I fear August.


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